10 Easy-to-Try Business Opportunities for Beginners

10 Easy-to-Try Business Opportunities for Beginners. After completing education, some people decide to apply for jobs at various companies. However, not a few also dare to start their own business.
Easy-to-Try Business Opportunities for Beginners

Online drop shipper

If you don’t have a large enough business capital, online dropshipping is the best alternative that you can try. This is an online product sales system that can be done by forwarding products from the product owner or supplier, to be sent directly to the customer with your identity as the sender.

Laundry services

10 Easy-to-Try Business Opportunities for Beginners. Living in a strategic area close to a residential area, it looks like this business opportunity for beginners promises huge profits. Laundry services or more familiarly known as laundry and kilo iron services are now very much needed. Especially for people who are busy working and do not have household members at home.

Photocopies and stationery

Photocopying and stationery business is perfect for those of you who live near school buildings, campuses, or office areas. Although it requires a large enough capital to start, this photocopying and stationery business has a fairly large potential for customers as well.

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Courier agent for the delivery of goods

Recently online shopping activities in Indonesia have become increasingly popular. For that, the opportunity for this courier agent to shipping goods can be a big income field. Moreover, you can start this courier delivery business as a franchise or franchise.


Are you one of those people who like to care for pets? This is certainly a fun business opportunity for beginners. Apart from selling food, toys, and accessories, you can also provide grooming services for certain pets such as dogs or cats.

Event organizer

Offering services for organizing certain activities or events, the event organizer business can even be started without even a single rupiah capital. You only need a broad enough connection to the vendors who are directly related to an event. Starting from decoration vendors, MC, to caterers.

PS and online gaming rental

One business option for beginners that is quite ‘friendly’ is PS (PlayStation) rental and online games. You can provide 2 – 3 console game units for customers. If the funds have been collected, you can add back the number of consoles needed.

Credit and PLN tokens

Even though it sounds trivial, it turns out that the credit business and PLN tokens are mostly done by beginners. The capital needed for the PLN credit and token business is also not too large.

Home catering

The hobby of cooking can produce gold coffers if it is used properly. One of them is through this home catering business. Make sure to make a varied menu so that customers don’t get bored easily.


This business opportunity for beginners is quite new, so it’s still rare for people to think about it. Daycare or child care services can be profitable, especially for those of you who are accustomed to being patient and painstaking in taking care of toddlers to children. Start by opening this daycare for the neighbors who live near you.