5 Ways Retailers Can Use Entertainment to Drive Brand Engagement

Online branding combines various methods such as video calls, webinars, etc, to persuade people over the internet. That way, you can be bought over from anywhere you are with ease and convenience. Branding is very flexible and customizable. But then, as UK.collected.reviews has pointed out, it can be boring.

This could be because the audience is not often entertained. Or because branding, using online shopping reviews, keeps doing the same thing every time. Luckily, there is a way out. There are plenty of tips and tricks to make branding fun and engaging.

1.          Present your best marketing self:

This is the first step simply because it is the first form of visual introduction over the internet. Look your best from head to toe when marketing products. The best form of marketing immersion should first come from you. Be focused on your products while keeping your eyes on the virtual audience as if you can see them. Make your location and background neat as your visual video. Your video should be of the utmost taste and quality.

2.          Audio:

After seeing who you are, the next thing your audience would be interested in is what you can offer. There is no better way to know than through your visual audio. So, you need to ensure that you change the tone of your voice to mix activities, introduce activities, and increase the tempo of certain marketing activities. You need to also master the art of storytelling. Everyone loves a good story where they are the protagonists. So praise them loud while you tell your stories. Aside from that, ensure your audio is of the highest quality coupled with a reliable internet connection.

3.          Use virtual technology:

You can never be wrong by using technology to your greatest advantage. You should wonder how people have fun on social media over the internet and not during ads? It is the same as when offline; people are most likely taken up by interests and what catches their fancy. Now that you know that, you should plan on integrating fun rewards (for instance) into your marketing videos. You could also use some cool tools such as whiteboards, pointers, screen-sharing tools, and so on, to lighten up their mood.

4.          Set up rewards for them:

The majority of online buyers often get distracted. You’d need to set up rewards for them to keep a sense of purpose and entertainment. Introduce short-term rewards after a product purchase, with clear reward outlines that offer tasks. Reward them after they complete every task and encourage feedback and community discussion.

5.          Make the videos digestible:

Most things boil down to your style and pattern of marketing. If you can break down the difficult values, your audience would find your products more relatable. If not, they get lost and would be reluctant to ask. Another way to tackle this is to encourage questions and offer support before and after every marketing.


There are several ways of making marketing more fun and engaging. Look for the ones that best suit you and your audience.