A Tryable Business during a Pandemic

Selling Frozen Food and Snacks

A Tryable Business during a Pandemic. Culinary businesses such as cafes and restaurants with dine-in services are one of the businesses most affected by the corona pandemic. Research from Mckinsey & Company states that 58% of Indonesian consumers choose to reduce the frequency of eating on the spot during the pandemic.

Even so, the culinary business turns out to be one of the businesses that have successfully survived the pandemic. This is because some business owners are observant of market opportunities.

Selling Literary Drink Products

A Tryable Business during a Pandemic. Like the food business, beverage businesses such as coffee shops or coffee shops have also experienced a decline in the number of consumers. In fact, Starbucks suffered a loss of up to IDR 42 trillion.
However, Starbucks did not immediately close its outlets considering the high demand from coffee lovers. They then worked around this by selling literal packaged coffee. So, coffee lovers can still enjoy coffee from home.

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Selling Fashion Products

Business opportunities after the pandemic are not only in the food and beverage business. The fashion business is also proven to be able to survive and even increase. Especially, sales are boosted through online.
Mailmo’s strategy is quite ingenious. They observe trends in fashion needs during the pandemic and focus on selling products for daily use. For example, house slippers, t-shirts, and hoodies. Home clothing products are in great demand because consumers spend more time at home.

Selling Beauty and Skin Care Products

The existence of the corona pandemic has not dimmed the cosmetics and skincare business. The proof is that one of the cosmetic businesses, Haple Cosmetics, has recorded an increase in turnover of almost 100%. The most purchased beauty products are one-line care products. For example, face mist, glow booster, facial oil, and moisturizer.

Selling Health and Body Care Products

The pandemic situation forces us to have a stronger immune system. No wonder many people start exercising diligently, eat healthy foods, consume vitamins and herbal drinks.

Evidently, according to research, health care products have nearly tripled sales online.
One example is Jamu Iboe. This herbal medicine producer said their business had increased sales by 2-3 times since the pandemic occurred. The strategy taken is to boost online sales and provide home delivery service.

Selling Personal Equipment (Travel Pack)

Maintaining health by exercising and consuming health drinks may not be enough. Not surprisingly, in this pandemic situation, consumers are also aware of shared equipment. Especially, cutlery.
Therefore, many people prefer to bring supplies from home. If forced to eat at a place to eat, they tend to bring personal eating and drinking utensils. For example, stainless straws, spoons, forks, and personal drinking bottles.

Opening Website Development Services

Pandemic conditions are pushing businesses to switch from offline to online. The goal, so that the business can survive. Therefore, many business people have started to flock to put their businesses online.

Opening a Digital Marketing Agency

To support online business success, an understanding of digital marketing is also needed by business people. The reason is, 82% of consumers will research products or services online. Unfortunately, not many business people have mastered digital marketing well.