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CRI Group wishes to congratulate Fraud Advisory Panel on the 20th anniversary. It was a pleasure to attend the event and celebrate this great occasion of FAP fighting fraud for 20 years. Forensic accountants are experts with a unique set of training and skills. “Forensic” means suitable for use in court, and forensic accounting is a speciality practice area of accounting that deals with engagements and investigations… Political and governmental unrest can affect a region’s economy and the integrity of business transactions.

Interested in employee integrity due diligence and pre-employment screening? Or are you engaging in a merger or acquisition, an IPO, engaging suppliers, contractors, or new clients and looking for third-party risk management solutions? Lack of TPRM strategy can be an expensive reminder of how important is it to balance the risks and benefits of using third parties to deliver business services. While the United Kingdom has positioned itself as a leader in the fight against fraud and corruption, the shifting economic conditions surrounding Brexit have raised uncertainty and vulnerability. They can have a major financial impact, damage an organization’s hard-earned reputation and destroy company culture.

Users have access to a personal portfolio that displays the data models, reports, and data sources available to them. Lime BI Analyze is designed to help businesses grow with the help of data-driven insights, no matter what industry they’re in or who in the company uses it. Discover new opportunities, follow market trends and be more prepared for change. Our team developed and deployed a comprehensive reporting solution which consolidated information across the clients programme controls, operational and functional support systems. Underpinning this solution, our team developed a data warehouse which has improved data integrity, trust and robustness across the organisation.

We also help our clients develop common and consistent metrics that drive collaboration across regions, business units and partners. For those who have adopted BI tools, it can be a struggle to align reporting to continuously changing business needs as the pace of change outstrips their ability to update reporting metrics. Or it can be hard to establish an accurate picture of the performance of complex programmes due to the challenge of reporting against huge amounts of siloed data. We recently launched a FREE publication “South Asia grapples with anti-bribery compliance”, which overviews anti-bribery, anti-corruption and ISO solutions in Malaysia and entire in South Asia.

Research at DMU Postgraduate research students are nurtured and recognised by scholars and research leaders. Postgraduate Alumni Scholarship DMU graduates can benefit from a tuition fee discount, available on selected full-time and part-time postgraduate taught courses. Through DMU Global, we offer a wide range of opportunities including on-campus and UK activities, overseas study, internships, faculty-led field trips and volunteering, as well as Erasmus+ and international exchanges. Graduates have gone into roles such as BI/SQL developers, logistics data modellers, and insight analysts, at organisations including Cognisco, LLamasoft and Occam DM. Access specialist computing laboratories including a suite reserved specifically for postgraduate students. You will graduate with an accredited, industry-recognised certification from SAS and be well placed to take up management and business information systems development roles in the industry.