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Dhami is a student of Marketing having earned his BA in Business Management and following this up with an MA in Advertising and Marketing. Today, virtually every industry in the current market is going through a state of digital transformation. Perhaps to get a full answer to the question “What does mean?

We conducted a range of stakeholder interviews to help the organisation understand its information requirements. We then presented the client with a set of technology options which could address these requirements. After an independent vendor assessment and selection process, we helped the client implement their preferred Business Intelligence solution. Our client wanted to enable its data users to analyse often large, complex datasets, where it was convenient for them – at their desk, in clinic or on the move. It needed to change its internal reporting process to become faster, more flexible and mobile-friendly. Using our Rapid BI Solutions, data visualisation and integrated reporting dashboards, we can deliver agile, highly interactive reporting and analytics that help our clients to more effectively run their business.

Over the years, the BI industry has expanded rapidly and is expected to continue growing. As mentioned above, data analytics is a common component of many business intelligence systems. However, business intelligence and business analytics aren’t necessarily the same thing.

In simple terms, business intelligence systems are required for the maintenance, optimisation, and enhancement of current operations. The term ‘BI’ refers to applications, practices, and technologies used for the collection, analysis and presentation of business information. BI improves and enhances operational efficiency, assisting companies in improving organisational productivity and accelerating performance.

Sign up now to get priority access to our Clearing hotline on results day plus receive on demand support from our trained Clearing advisers. Unstructured data– Traditional BI platforms canharness only structured data. BI users today want to leverage data of various formats – semi-structured, unstructured, as well as third party data. You can also book rooms with plasma screens, laptops and DVD facilities for group work and presentations, secure an individual study room with adjustable lighting or make use of our assistive technology. The Computer Science laboratories include a study area, in which you can work individually or in groups. The term is used to describe the use of knowledge and insights to achieve specific goals.

Since its launch in 2016, ISO Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard has had its supporters and critics. Some regulatory bodies and compliance communities initially expressed concern regarding the lack of a body of evidence supporting… Business leaders are usually quick to communicate their expectations to employees, especially when it comes to financial goals or tasks that they want to be accomplished. When you download an app and it asks to access your contacts, location, and other information, it seems harmless enough, right? Surely the app will only use your data for its stated purpose, and only… The United Arab Emirates is a land of complex extremes where fabulous wealth and supercars live right next to staggering poverty.

Data collection, cleansing and data repair can be time-consuming, but automation can significantly reduce the time and effort analysts spend on preparing data. The leaders in modern analytics solutions, offer visual analytics with powerful AI, data management, and collaboration. Cloud services is by far the biggest trend in BI, especially with the wide adoption of remote working. Cloud-based BI makes it possible for apps and data to be accessed anywhere and anytime.

We’re only just starting to explore things like operational KPI dashboards that make information more consumable to all employees. Business intelligence technologies come in a variety of different formats, from leading brands around the world. These software solutions give businesses the freedom to collect and process huge amounts of unstructured raw data from their internal and external systems. Rising volume of data in the current marketplace pushes companies to think more carefully about how they can better understand and serve their customers.

The primary purpose of these solutions is to give business leaders and decision-makers access to essential information. Business intelligence technologies are used as a foundation for critical decision support systems. By looking at data and trends gathered in the business environment, companies can eliminate much of the “gut instinct” and guesswork required to make strategic choices. Business intelligence or business intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process within a corporation.

Unlike many BI providers, we focus on you and your business instead of just products and dashboard software. The problem is, this data is usually created much faster than their ability to analyse and use it effectively. In fact, a study by the Harvard Business Review shows that less than 0.5% of data is ever analysed or used at all. With a further 69% of businesses failing to develop a data-driven culture, those who get ahead of the curve now stand to make huge strides and gain a significant competitive advantage.