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The business has also had to cope with the all-time low in the dollar exchange rate as Brexit uncertainty continues – which means profits are down. But thanks to some careful planning, there is still money in the business to pay staff and keep the shop running. He sought support from X-Forces Enterprise, a social enterprise which helps veterans set up their own businesses, taking part in their business masterclass programme, seeking guidance when needed and making use of their networking opportunities.

HALO is the total purchasing solution for all your wound care products and sets to drive efficiencies in healthcare settings. HALO, our advanced wound care delivery solution, is the simpler, more efficient way to order; products can be with you in just 24 hours with no prescription required. Business Planning Workshops -Through our PACT offering, you will learn more about business planning fundamentals with our expert business planning workshops.

Business case development and support -Demonstrate the value of your service to wider audiences. We can provide support in developing compelling and accurate business cases that can help to define the future of your service offerings. Our business service charter sets out our commitment to a professional business service for all our clients. Strategic Sourcing Services manages commercial relationships and partnerships with key suppliers, and the end-to-end supplier life-cycle. We play a fundamental role in the day-to-day provision of goods and services for the HSBC Group. Our primary focus is to deliver commercial value through all areas of procurement worldwide.

“If I can prepare a case file for court, I can write a fully evidenced business plan. If I can write an operation order for a major military event, I can likewise come up with a structured way ahead for the business.” “I did find that common sense and sound judgement, the skills that were injected into me over my 32-year joint army and police career, would stand me in good stead.” “I began to slowly work out how to grow the business, what level of capital expenditure I would need and broadly how I could make an income from this.” In 2014 he retired from the police with a diagnosis of complex PTSD – something he traces back to the horrific scenes and dangers he was exposed to in both his military and police careers. “Finally, be careful of using TLA’s – the military world is full of them but in the civilian world they tend to be spelt out!,” she adds.

Solutions that resolve both the frustrating inefficiencies and the big challenges. Future-proofed solutions, informed by big data, and powered by cutting-edge machine learning and automation technologies. We make life easier for NHS staff, patients and suppliers by reimagining shared corporate services for the digital age.