Effective Logos Can Catch On Very Quickly

Some businesses will focus on their slogans and mission statements when they’re designing their brand identities. Obviously, those brand identity elements can be very important. 

Memorable Images

However, there are some businesses that lack slogans. Those businesses will still frequently have logos. If they don’t specifically have logos, their brand identities will at least have a visual component of some kind. Organizations like Bungalow Creative may have helped them originally. 

It may take someone a few seconds to remember a slogan. Even catchy slogans can be forgotten after enough time has passed. Some people may not even hear about certain slogans.

However, the images associated with a particular company or brand will usually become identifiable much more quickly than any written piece of information. People might even start thinking of a particular company after they see a certain image, and they won’t immediately realize that it happened in that order. 

New Ideas

Writing new slogans can be challenging. Creating great logos can also be hard, even though it looks relatively easy. The logo has to be original. People will also only have so many themes and types of images to use.

Something as simple as a new font can eventually become associated with a certain brand. A lot of people are now used to seeing new fonts created frequently. Font styles can make potential customers see a particular company in different ways.

Companies can include their new logos on all their social media platforms, even when they don’t have a lot of space available. They wouldn’t necessarily be able to include their slogans as consistently, especially on some mobile devices.

People may share those posts, and the logo and other images can quickly become highly visible parts of a new company’s brand. Some customers may soon recognize the company without even reading the post.