How To Start A Business In 6 Simple Steps

A patent grants your legal ownership of this invention and the exclusive right to it, thus providing your business with protection. If you are a limited company or partnership, your annual accounts, which you must legally submit to the government yearly, require all your records from the annual accounting period. If you own or rent commercial premises, it is likely you will need to register for and pay business rates. However, if you are running your business from home it is unlikely you will need to pay business rates. On the positive side, once you’re VAT registered and have your VAT number you can purchase products from other businesses VAT free. If your business is likely to have more than the VAT threshold in annual sales, you will need to register for VAT.

But there are other emerging areas, such as flexible office spaces and pet-based products, that are also worth tapping into early. Lacking experience or confidence shouldn’t have to be a barrier, and identifying the areas where you might need support is the best way to overcome obstacles in the future. At, we’re here to help small UK businesses to get started, grow and succeed.

Starting up a tech company not only needs you to be strategic but also focused on both your short term and long term goals. This being a tech business, you can expect a lot to change along the way, and some of these changes may come sooner than expected. The rapid technological advancement means that you ought to be on your toes to keep up with every development. Notably, a tech business worth its salt ought to have dual identities; products and services. To be on the safer side, choose to focus on one of these for your vision.

While it may seem overwhelming, with passion and dedication you could join one of the six million small and medium sized businesses in the UK. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Check if you can claim office, property and equipment as expenses.

Alternatively, you could rent or purchase private business premises, or work within a shared business hub. Crowdfunding- Involves asking a large number of people to contribute to your start-up by donating relatively small amounts of money. Patents- These prevent others from making, using or selling something without your consent. Protection is on a country-by-country basis and can last for 20 years, but inventions are only patentable if new and unique. Patents are public, so you can check whether your idea already exists before developing your product. This kind of information gathering will also help you to decide on the best business structure for your venture.

Before you set up any business, you need to check you have some key qualities. I’m guessing there are many reasons for women to start businesses. This is certainly a situation where starting a business is a really proactive way of creating a whole new life. Even then you want to potentially sell a minimum viable product like a mini course or a workshop that you can just further validate. Once you have validated the idea, then you want to start thinking about your messaging, brand, business name and all of those things.