International Business And Management Msc

For students taking the European Baccalaureate, we typically require an overall average mark between 78% and 88% with specific subject marks (normally 8.0 or higher from a 4 or 5 period subject) required for some courses. Typical offers range from 80% – 93% overall in the Diplome d’Etudes Collegiales with specific subject marks of 80% – 96% required for some courses. You will also have the option to undertake an ‘International Semester’, which is a 6-month study abroad scheme. Skills for employability is a key part of the Loughborough experience and can really boost your job prospects and this degree has a module specifically built in to help you develop your study and employability skills.

A global degree designed for students seeking to build an international career in a dynamic business environment. The University of Exeter Business School provides a range of support to help you develop skills attractive to employers. Visit our postgraduateBusiness School careers service web pagefor more information. This flexible and innovative programme has been designed for ambitious students who want to launch a career across international cultures and be able to apply a global context to a variety of businesses, wherever in the world they choose to work. The aim of the programme is to equip you with the skills required to solve real world problems and implement effective business strategies. I personally looking forward to mentoring you during your time at Exeter, to help you compete in today’s global marketplace.

Knowledge application of the different taxes within the UK taxation system will be achieved by solving tax problems and computing tax liabilities. This course is an introductory course in microeconomics where we study the decision making of individual actors (consumers, employees, firms, governments, etc.) in an economy. Actors must make decisions about behaviours because they face scarce resources, but often they find that trading with other actors in markets can increase the wellbeing of all parties.

The global talent portal is in addition to all other existing initiatives and resources available for you through the Careers and Employability Service, and the Target Connect vacancy and events system. Stirling Management School is unique in having a dedicated employability manager. If you have the talent, ability and drive to study with us, we want to make sure you make the most of the opportunity – regardless of your financial circumstances. Depending on your chosen course, you may need to pay additional costs, for example for field trips. This course is eligible for a postgraduate tuition fee loan from one of the UK’s governments. If you need to extend your period of study, you may be liable for additional fees.

Enable students to increase the value they obtain from their work placement year. To develop an understanding of the significance of the company within the context of commercial activity. To explore ethical questions encountered on work placement or other work experience. You will have access to our purpose-built Hugh Aston Building, equipped with lecture theatres and classrooms, break-out spaces for group work, quiet study zones for individual work and IT labs. You must demonstrate a level of English language competency at a level that will enable you to succeed in your studies, regardless of your nationality or country of residence.

Assessments can also involve essays, building a portfolio of relevant work or computer-based assignments and you may be marked on elements of reflective practice. We’re committed to delivering a stimulating learning experience which will help you build an impressive portfolio of transferable skills. Scaling-up If you’re ready to grow your business, see what support and funding we can offer. On the MSc International Business programme you will be taught by a team of academics who come from all over the world helping to bring the world of International Business to life. Our Admissions and Course Enquiries team is on hand to offer help and can put you in touch with the appropriate faculty if you wish to discuss any programme in detail.

Criteria, eligibility, repayment and application information are available on the UK government website. Depending on the programme of study, there may be extra costs which are not covered by tuition fees, which students will need to consider when planning their studies. The module focuses on the Multinational Enterprise , complimenting the broader content in the Fundamentals of International Business Strategy module. MNEs are a unique business organisational form, with firm activities spanning national boundaries and have received significant attention in the International Business literature for this reason. MNEs are key actors at the supra-national, regional and national levels and it is impossible to understand the conduct of international business without an appreciation for the unique nature of the MNE.

There is currently no intention for this membership to lapse however if this membership were not to be renewed we would notify applicants and students as soon as possible. This module provides an analytical emphasis of core operations management and supply chain management knowledge relevant for the international business manager. In the increasingly globalised industries of today, the challenges of managing processes, operations and supply chain that span across different countries and locations is one of the most important tasks of a modern enterprise. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of these two areas is critical to your success in international business. This course applies the principles of valuation taught at level 2 to more complex real world examples. Topics covered include rent reviews, compulsory purchase, property investment, property development and national and local taxation.

In addition, the INTO Study Centre provides language support for international students, as well as guidance on careers and employability. In the final year of our International Business degree you will have the opportunity to build on your experiences on placement or studying abroad. You will be able to tailor your degree and choose more advanced optional modules that suit your career ambitions.