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Likewise, try as we might, it proved impossible to make our fluffy pau buns in a domestic oven. First people to say how much we love eating out, we also love eating in, whether that means putting together a simple meal just for us during the week, or a celebratory feast we’re putting on for friends and family. This is a lovely little book which you can read and cook with at the same time.

  • Favourite autumnal recipes from the book include things like a sweet potato, celeriac and porcini bake, and charred romanesco broccoli with a piquant dressing.
  • The clients wanted a mixture of hot and cold buffet food and chose a number of dishes.
  • Amazing morning with Santana learning how to prepare and cook traditional Thai food.
  • Ensuring students have a voice and opportunities for choice within the curriculum are built in alongside the promotion of independent learning, communication and interaction skills within a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Making bread in order to learn about bread will help you practice techniques and adjust timings each time to find a preferred crumb, crust and flavour.
  • Our short, sharp seasons are a miracle – just as we suffer a glut of one thing and begin to tire, whoosh!

She is the author of five cookery books, including bestsellers “i”Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home, Rachel’s Food for Living”/i” and “i”Bake”/i”. Her extremely popular cooking programmes have been broadcast on RTE, the BBC, and also internationally. Laurie Colwin writes about food with love, lightness and an elegant intimacy reminding us that cooking is about life not recipes. Get creative and add Quorn Pieces to your chow mein for a delicious noodle dish. Simply heat one of our 4 great tasting sauces, and stir into our pasta farm and you’re good to go!

I’m really into Middle Eastern and North African cookery, so I always have an arsenal of spice blends and pastes that I can sprinkle, stir and slather onto anything. Every grandmother we’ve met cooks something with a history. They let us into their own memories so that we can share their stories and capture the recipes that risk being lost forever.

Take a look at our easy to make dinner winners that the whole family will love! Made using simple, store cupboard ingredients for minimal fuss, these delicious recipes might just become your new family favourite. Found that a quarter of households are spending more time cooking together and 33% said mealtimes have become more of an occasion. With people spending more time in the kitchen, recipe inspiration and step by step videos have played a key role in expanding our typical weekly menus. When restaurants were closed, many of us sought to experiment with new flavours that distract from the fact they couldn’t go out. My Greek Yiayia, the inspiration behind our cooking with granny mission, has always cooked from the heart.

Pad Thai with Quorn Pieces

A lovely book which is more than about just recipes but more of a journal of Lauries cooking experience both good and bad. It’s more about the joy and pleasure of eating and discovering delicious food. It’s about memories and what food means to us outside of showing off or fuelling our bodies. Colwin eats and prepares a lot of things I am not entirely sure I would actually like to eat, but I love her passion and enthusiasm. She’s funny and smart and observant and this is a wonderful collection of essays.

In terms of ingredients, readers should hunt out the very best Indian spices they can find. Nowadays, there’s a wealth of online spice specialists, and with ever-expanding supermarket ranges and excellent local Indian groceries, finding the staple spices for Indian cooking is no longer such a challenge. Wherever you find them, ensure you’re not keeping your spices for too long – the flavours lose their vibrancy over time. The one piece of advice that I would give you would be to not announce that your menu is meatless in advance. Sometimes telling meat-eaters up front that there is no meat on the menu can sow the seeds that perhaps they won’t be satisfied. Instead, do what I do, and make ‘good food’ instead of ‘vegan food’ or ‘vegetarian food’, choose simple things with lovely fresh flavours, and do multiple dishes so there is colour and variety.

Here are a few ideas, we have lots of lovely reviews and some very happy clients. With Covid still rumbling on, some of these patterns look set to continue into 2022. Speak to our team today if you’d like more insight and tips on catering to changing consumer needs. For a vegetarian/vegan audience, I offer alternative ingredients such as salt instead of fish sauce or mushroom sauce instead of oyster sauce.

Client Cooking Party Birthday Celebrations

Whether your skill level is closer to toasting pita breads, slow-cooking a bolognese or serving five courses of beautifully plated modern British cuisine, there are loads of things you can do to elevate your next home-cooked meal. We’ve enlisted a group of chefs and cookbook writers to bring us their top home cooking tips for whipping up a delicious meal in your very own kitchen. The dishes taught in these classes vary considering ingredients and food that is generally available and consumed during different times of the year.

Vegan Katsu Curry

However, if you happen to have a ceramic barbecue and a pizza stone , you can use them to bake your naan – our home cooking tips cover making sure the barbecue is as hot as it can (safely!) be. As for the pau, we had to concede that a shop-bought roll was the best substitute for mopping up keema and enveloping the deep-fried patties of the vada pau. This was a sad moment for us, but in the end we had to concede on this. At St. JOHN, we often say “simple isn’t easy,” by which we mean that it takes thoughtfulness to do simple things as there is nowhere to hide. Fear is a disaster when cooking – ingredients can sense your fear and misbehave. There are magical vibrations that shimmer back and forth between a cook and their ingredients, and tuning in to that magic is part of the joy of putting a meal together.

54% of Brits revealed they’d bought meat alternatives for the first-time during lockdown with an impressive 78% saying they will continue to buy them again in future. So, it seems plant-based is perfectly suited to post-pandemic life. It’s easier than you think and will keep in the freezer for up to six months. Ready-made pastes and sauces never taste the same; preservatives can change the flavours and colours quite dramatically.