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You will also develop technical competency in user-interface and location-sensitive frameworks, industry-standards for secure and robust software engineering, database development and network operation. In this module you will develop your knowledge of Cloud Computing, its development tools and techniques, and of deploying external web services in web sites using Application Programing Interfaces . Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology that is lowering the entry threshold for new web initiatives. In this module you will gain an appreciation of how business and industry can use Cloud Computing to leverage innovation and business advantage, together with the technical skills to support such developments. You will also develop skills in analysing real cloud costs for non-technical colleagues.

So instead of using the standard fixed pixel width, this new approach defines areas of your page using percentages. Media queries work similarly to the “if-clauses.” So, it’s basically checking if the screen’s viewports are wide enough or too wide and then executing the appropriate code. Basically, in 2021 half of all the traffic comes from smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices. Most courses will involve some additional costs that are not covered by your fees.

  • Graduates from this course have gained employment in the field of web design, web development and similar computing disciplines.
  • Web developers use software tools and a variety of coding languages to develop the functionality and design of a website.
  • Complete your degree by researching, planning, developing and testing a project under the supervision of one of our tutors.
  • BSc Computer Science with Web Development covers a broad range of computing specialisms and will open the door to a vast range of careers within this industry.
  • She was instrumental in developing the Web Development certificate and degree programs at William Rainey Harper College.

We welcome applications from students studying a wide range of international qualifications. “I did two years as a Graphic Designer in the industry before enrolling on this course, there was a need to learn development languages, such as PHP, JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS. Graduates of this programme will possess the technical skills to adapt and thrive in a cutting edge fast moving industry with significant employment opportunities for software engineers.

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A key focus will be the analysis of the problem space alongside the modelling of the state space representation. Your project must include you undertaking practical work of some sort using computing/IT technology. This is most frequently achieved by the creation of an artefact as the focus for covering all or part of an implementation lifecycle. Or your project could be a mix of both of these such as building a simulated network to investigate security vulnerabilities and mitigation schemes, creating a prototype to test the effectiveness of a digital technology. Projects based solely on literature review activity and/or user/market surveys are not acceptable.

The second advantage is that HTTP may send any type of data and offers a foundation for both computers to communicate in the same language. It’s the digital foundation, and it appears to non-developers as a jumble of numbers, characters, and symbols. The text, buttons, graphics, and views you see on the screen make it interactive with the website or service, and the website’s front-end programming is user-interface. The technique of building interactive interfaces is known as front-end development. Planning creates the definition of sitemaps, website structure, and technologies that are about to be used. You first have to plan the information about what is your website structure is going to be.

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We combine our experience with tried and tested techniques to assess the value of each new feature and ensure that it really is contributing to the goal. We use Agile processes to help streamline your business with targeted, well-crafted, software solutions. We can help your organisation comply with the latest standards in web content accessibility (WCAG 2.1) to enable users with disabilities to use your site. So, the aim of human computer interaction work is to ensure it is as easy as possible for website visitors to view, navigate and gain information from the website.

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For instance, if you use media queries improperly , then you will have significant performance issues with your website’s display. In your final year you will consolidate skills in web application development and pursue specialisms in mobile, database and Artificial Intelligence technologies. You will also integrate your skills and showcase your knowledge by undertaking a Final Year Project. This includes resources for programmers, developers, administrators, data scientists and engineers, team managers, students, and more.

She was instrumental in developing the Web Development certificate and degree programs at William Rainey Harper College. Practical advice on the tools you need to enhance your personal and professional life. Our vision is to help everyone to realise the life they imagine through learning. Using your mobile phone camera – scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Search engines are smart, but they still need help, according to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine optimization is so important, all our sites are fully SEO optimized.