Dropshipping isn’t without its drawbacks – chiefly, dealing with returns and refunds – but it’s definitely one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest businesses to start. Essentially it removes the need for you to manage any of your inventory, as all you’ll be focusing on is advertising and selling the products in your online store. Whether it’s pet care, street food, or hairdressing, unleash your inner entrepreneur with these low-cost business ideas.

Bagging a contract with a restaurant could keep you very busy as well. Despite the NHS not every hospital service is free and hospitals still need to be paid, usually by health insurance companies. If you’re doing something that you genuinely love, often it doesn’t seem like work. App developers create their favourite fantasies from scratch and pour their hearts into their work. Some of the most successful products and businesses have resulted from pure luck or accident. Examples include Post-it Notes, Viagra, Kellogg’s Cornflakes, Coca-Cola, Vaseline, Teflon, Super Glue, Velcro, Play-Doh and chewing gum.

There are two ways to create an app, the first is by learning the code yourself and creating it from scratch. This method is especially useful for time rich, money poor entrepeneurs. However if you find yourself in the opposite situation and have very little time but a considerable amount of money then we would recommend hiring a freelancer to create an app to your requirements. Marriages are a great avenue for generating passive reveue, simply because most people will at some point get married. Use it as a long term revenue model – This is arguably the most difficult of the two options but it can provide the best results. This approach will require you to take and own the brand/website you purchase and make it your own.

Depending on how often you work, you could earn upwards of £50,000 a year. As with cleaning, the properties you work at may have their own equipment and tools, meaning lower overheads for you. In fact, the average amount spent on the services of gardeners and landscapers annually is £2.4 billion. Since the COVID pandemic, our outdoor spaces and gardens have become incredibly precious to us. They are an escape from the insanity of isolation, and after three lockdowns it’s no surprise that the gardening and landscaping business is booming.

The majority of ecommerce platforms that do charge an upfront or ongoing fee will offer a free trial. This means you can sample the features, and don’t have to pay until you’re sure the platform you’ve chosen is the perfect fit for your business venture. There are cheap small you can bring to life on a shoestring – provided you’re in the right sector. These small business ideas will get your entrepreneurial juices flowing and set you up for startup success. A business plan helps put you on the road to success with your new home business. You’ll put together information like your company overview and its product/service offerings, your target audience, a competitor analysis, and more.

As a qualified carer you should be regulated by the Care Quality Commission and be registered with the United Kingdom Homecare Association . These accreditations are important for giving your customers confidence, which is very important for vulnerable families choosing a care agency. Not only are you going into someone’s home but you are making changes to its appearance, and house proud customers want the perfect finish. Having a portfolio of past jobs and a string of recommendations will do wonders for you. You also need to be very skilled and have the right equipment for the job, as well as being well versed in different paints and materials to suit any budget.

Ideal if you’re located in a popular tourist destination, being a tour guide gives you the flexibility to choose your own hours and wax lyrical about your local area’s hotspots and history. The best small business always stays on top of its competition, so scope out your market and see if there’s anything different you could bring to foodies in your area. Generally self-employed, virtual assistants help with the needs of small business owners or clients from home. You’ll usually be paid on an hourly basis but have the luxury of working remotely and juggling other commitments too.

Target a new audience with the same products (e.g., LED shoes can be marketed to music festival goers or runners). Curate products from different suppliers to create a store that serves a specific niche. Your dropshipping supplier can be local or overseas, but you need to ensure you find a supplier you can trust to deliver a consistently great customer experience after the sale.

The following business ideas will not guarantee instant riches within months but they have the possibility to grow into full-time businesses in due time. The first step to starting your own business is to find a brilliant business idea that will make money. To find that excellent idea, you should think creatively, even out of the box, so to speak.

A majority of students don’t have the means to pay for services, so be open to providing services for free without expecting students to join your program. Demand to learn English is particularly high in China, with over 400 million people estimated to be learning the language. This education starts from nursery level, and many parents pay for additional tutoring outside of school to help their children learn English more effectively and efficiently. If you’re highly qualified in a particular subject, or have previous experience working with kids, then you already have a major tick off your checklist. While it’s not necessary to be a fully qualified teacher, you should still have a thorough understanding of the UK education system and the school curriculum, which can you can research via Street food is a rapidly growing sector in the UK, with festivals, street fares and urban street markets giving you the chance to set up a lean, mean food-focused business and get close to consumers.