Italian home cooking

Likewise, try as we might, it proved impossible to make our fluffy pau buns in a domestic oven. First people to say how much we love eating out, we also love eating in, whether that means putting together a simple meal just for us during the week, or a celebratory feast we’re putting on for friends and family. This is a lovely little book which you can read and cook with at the same time.

  • Favourite autumnal recipes from the book include things like a sweet potato, celeriac and porcini bake, and charred romanesco broccoli with a piquant dressing.
  • The clients wanted a mixture of hot and cold buffet food and chose a number of dishes.
  • Amazing morning with Santana learning how to prepare and cook traditional Thai food.
  • Ensuring students have a voice and opportunities for choice within the curriculum are built in alongside the promotion of independent learning,
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