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I’ll give my one problem with this book first and then talk about why I think it’s a useful text for retailers in particular. That problem is one of definition; the authors believe that service design is a recent 21st Century idea, which is simply ridiculous. Retailers and service organisations have been acutely aware of the interactions between people, product, service, place and customers since the very earliest days. The Piggly Wiggly’s US patent for self-service retail is an end-to-end service design document and that goes back to 1917. Ben has provided strategic guidance and project delivery management on a range of high-pro le projects for organizations such as the NHS, BBC, UK Home Office, Johnson & Johnson, and Transport for London. In 2009 he was voted one of the top 20 most influential designers in IKON magazine.

During some down time on a remote island in the South … Read More

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SCQF Level 5 Computing with Web Design

You will also develop technical competency in user-interface and location-sensitive frameworks, industry-standards for secure and robust software engineering, database development and network operation. In this module you will develop your knowledge of Cloud Computing, its development tools and techniques, and of deploying external web services in web sites using Application Programing Interfaces . Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology that is lowering the entry threshold for new web initiatives. In this module you will gain an appreciation of how business and industry can use Cloud Computing to leverage innovation and business advantage, together with the technical skills to support such developments. You will also develop skills in analysing real cloud costs for non-technical colleagues.

So instead of using the standard fixed pixel width, this new approach defines areas of your page using percentages. Media queries work similarly to the “if-clauses.” So, it’s basically checking if the screen’s viewports are wide … Read More

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