Business Ethics And Integrity Trading Policy

We can conclude that there is no CMB error based on the results of this study, as the single factor only accounts for 37.83% of the total variance explained. Items with reliability above 0.70 are shown in Table 5 (Alolayyan et al., 2022). As a result, the data show that all items have a high degree of convergence and variance sharing. When measuring latent variables, the unity displays that the dimensions’ outer loadings have a lot in common . The results of the discriminant validity test display that each aspect is different from the others. The table of cross-loadings indicates the indicators’ outer loadings which exceed all other aspects’ loadings.

Cross-sectional data and quantitative survey were collected from 288 SMEs in China. According to structural equation modeling results, herd behavior and endowment effect have a strong relationship with business resilience. Additionally, this study found that altruism has an optimistic correlation … Read More

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