In both times of war and of peace, women’s political leadership helps build societies that benefit us all

New links have been created with the sciences, including computer science, mathematics, and engineering, which reflects the significance of new technologies in the conduct of armed conflict today. We examine change, through the analysis of practice, conceptual development, and the theoretical foundations. Andrew is keen to hear from potential PhD students with research proposals in the area of proxy war, counter-insurgency warfare, sub-state violence, and Anglo-American security/foreign policy more widely. Causes of war provides an advanced introduction to key theories in historical and political studies on the deep origins and short term causes and justifications of modern wars and violent conflicts, looking every week at a different case study.

Throughout your degree, you’re expected to study for 1,200 hours per year. And it includes scheduled hours, time spent on placement and independent study. How this time’s divided among each of these varies each year and depends on the course and … Read More

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The Undeclared War Channel 4 political drama shows just what television is capable of

On this module you will look at key issues in political philosophy, exploring the ideas of thinkers throughout the history of political thought. You will respond to fundamental issues in political thought, questioning who should rule, why we should we obey the state and what a just society looks like. You will develop your analytical skills by examining arguments and perspectives based on philosophical and conceptual frameworks. This module is your introduction to War Studies as an academic subject. You will learn about the history of the subject and familiarise yourself with some of the different approaches you will take and techniques you will use throughout the course.

Professor Knieper is a member of the Human Science Centre at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, and is on the editorial boards of two journals, Visual Communication Quarterly and International Journal of Communication and Health. Civil wars have lasting transformative … Read More

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