World Religion Day

For example, the medieval crusades, a series of wars sanctioned by the Roman Church in the 11th-13th centuries, were considered at the time as a form of armed pilgrimage to recover Jerusalem. Whatever the motivations for ‘Holy Wars’, as with all violent conflict they result in great human suffering and often entail the enforced travel of refugees fleeing for their lives. Even the two central mosques in Serrekunda and Banjul, whilst heavily attended, are unostentatiously decorated – sometimes the only reminder they are present is the hypnotic call to prayer of the muezzin.

  • This tranquil garden is where Jesus is said to have been arrested.
  • This evening, your group will attend a delightful West End Theatre Show.
  • This morning, visit Bethlehem, which features prominently in both the Old and New Testaments.
  • Also on the menu are barbecued meats, dusted in Omani spices; super-sweet halwa with honey, sugar and rose water;
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