The Business Startup Show

Plenty of the world’s biggest companies were not revolutionary, yet they came into markets with developed players and just outperformed everyone else. But, as mentioned above, you’ll need to think about this question before getting your new venture started. Next, think about whether you want to start an online business or if you need physical premises. If you’re thinking of setting up an online shop then it could make more financial sense to start your business from home. Of course, the first thing you need to do is choose your business idea.

Another reason for networking is that it can help you to find mentorship or support from established businesses. Marketing and finding customers are, largely, one and the same thing. Today, there are so many ways to approach this that providing direct advice might be tough. Instead, you should think about your market research and about the businesses you admire in your space. Marketing – what kind of branded marketing material will you use?

For example, The Startup Series is the UK’s only EIS and SEIS funding competition, offering early-stage businesses the opportunity to win up to £250,000 in investor backing. Because of this, we recommend you don’t take out a loan unless you are 100% certain that you’ll make the money back on whatever you’re purchasing. Speaking to a third-party accountant or financial advisor can help you to be sure. In 2021, we reported on a survey from Tide which found that only 18% of women would consider starting a business, compared to 29% of men. When asked, 35% of female entrepreneurs identified money as their biggest barrier to launching a new company.

It is very easy and tempting to include irrelevant information in your business plan. This extra information usually makes your communication less efficient and makes the idea harder to understand. An executive summary is an introduction to your plan, its content, and an overview of everything in your business plan. It should provide the reader with a short, concise and clear overview of what your business is and what you are trying to do in no more than two paragraphs.

If your products are very visual, an Instagram page may be the ideal solution. You may not have time to be on all platforms and to run them all well so choose the right platforms for you. You can set up a simple online shop in a few clicks and ensure you can make sales via your social media pages too.

Because when a business you start isn’t aligned with personal ambition, it is much more likely you will fail. For more resources on running your business, from conducting a business health check to hiring employees, explore the support guides and templates below. One of the benefits of registering as self-employed is you can claim back some of your expenses and reduce your tax bill.