Top 30 Small Business Ideas For 2022

Offer promotions for new clients and build a positive reputation by requesting reviews from those you’ve worked with in the past. If you have a knack for cooking and see it as a creative outlet, you can make a decent income by opening a home-based catering business. Start a business and design the life you want – all in one place.

The design of your store and your website, the selection of your apparel, your marketing, and even the appearance of your staff, should all work in concert to sell a lifestyle. Starting a successful home bakery requires a well thought out business concept in addition to a passion for baking.A home based food business can be massively successful. But do your homework and plan your business carefully before you start selling food. However, today I increasingly see many people becoming successful consultants much earlier in their career – sometimes right out of college. For one, the digital world has exacerbated the rate of change, increasing the demand for consultants with new knowledge.

Almost no one was renting my bikes and my business was going nowhere. We hired tutors to help my kids improve their college entrance test scores. One year, when they decided they weren’t learning much at school, we hired a tutor to home school them. The tutor was an MIT college student who had never tutored, but nonetheless was fabulous.

The UK is undergoing a ‘craft beer revolution’ at the moment – with many independent breweries setting up across the country. Whether you have a degree in teaching or not, you can become an online teacher with virtually any skill you already have. Read our guide to starting a cake and baking business for the key steps you need to follow. As flexible working looks set to stay for the long-term, it’s no surprise that businesses that can be run from home were some of the most popular new trades in 2021.

You can offer to produce video content for companies’ YouTube channels, manage graduation and wedding videography, and more. While there’s no restriction to the types of projects you can do, specializing in a niche makes it easy to stand out in a busy marketplace. Instagram ads that get people to engage and buy from businesses.