What Can I Do With A Business Management Degree?

Your Academic Guidance Tutor will be there to guide your learning and career development, and you’ll have access to our extensive employability events. Our Business Readiness module will build your future employability throughout your degree, by developing your academic, leadership and management skills. This course has a timetable designed to fit around your commitments, and we have plenty of support for commuting students, including free on-campus car parking, excellent transport links and a free bus service.

You will gain a wide perspective and thorough grounding through studying Management, Accountancy, Statistics and Economics alongside courses chosen from other options in the MA programme. It is expected that student will spend a total of 300 hours of study for each module. You should be prepared to devote approximately 10 contact hours https://www.wikipedia.org/ a week to your studies and additional independent hours of study in order to succeed. Teaching is through a mix of lectures, tutorials, seminars and lab sessions and the breakdown of these activity types is shown in each module description. Through block teaching, you will focus on one subject at a time instead of several at once.

And you’ll be better able to understand and collaborate with different disciplines. The content of the course may be subject to change in line with ourStudent Terms and Conditions for example, as required by external professional bodies or to improve the quality of the course. In this unit, you will learn the process of creating and building a new business venture. You will explore a range of case studies and identify and evaluate the role of creativity in business start-ups.

This module is designed to sensitise you to the context specific nature of the discipline of management and help you uncover the diversity among managerial values and practices across the world. It seeks to equip you with the knowledge and skills that will give them the confidence to be members of organisations anywhere on the globe. Whilst the University will make every effort to offer the courses listed, changes may sometimes https://www.themotorettes.com/ be made arising from the regular review of course programmes. Where this activity leads to significant changes to programmes, there will normally be prior consultation of students and others. Changes may for example consist of variations to the content and method of delivery of programmes, courses and other services, to discontinue programmes, courses and other services and to merge or combine programmes or courses.

You can talk to staff and students, tour the campus and see inside the accommodation. Previous students have undertaken placements at Accenture, Aldi, Boots, BMW, L’Oreal, IBM, Morgan Stanley, PwC, Rolls-Royce, Marks and Spencer, Microsoft, Nissan and Walt Disney, as well as less well-known companies. These terminals are used by traders, banks and multinational companies to trade financial securities, gain market insights and undertake research. Students will also have the opportunity to gain certification that demonstrates competence in these systems, which will add real value to your CV.

“Once I got to grips with that, I realised that it was not that different to the kind of consumer-focussed marketing that I had been learning about and that gave me confidence. “In my first few meetings, I found it challenging to ask the right questions and offer my perspective. However, my colleagues supported me and were always there if I had a silly question” she says.